Proposed tax law changes

Following are some articles that you may find useful in determining how the potential tax law may impact you. Keep in mind that the final bill (if passed at all) may be significantly different. Western CPE House and Senate proposed tax law changes. Bloomberg comparison of proposals Comparison of House and Senate proposals Summary of House Bill - Vox Wall Street Journal Tax Plan Coverage Washington post tax proposal analysis Business Insider article Copy of the proposed law

Year-end Tax Planning

It’s the time of year to do year-end tax planning. We offer tax planning services for our tax preparation clients. Not everyone needs to have tax planning done, so let’s review when you should contact me. First off, you should have a tax review anytime you have a major change in your financial situation from the prior year. Examples are: You exercised a large amount of stock options You sold a rental property You sold a large amount of stock in a taxable account You were married or divorced during the year Your sold or purchased a home Any other major change that will impact your tax return Basically, what I’ll need from you is: Your year-to-date paycheck stubs (so that I can extrapolate o