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  • Mark Young, CPA

How to Get the Most from Your Tax Appointment

It’s really simple to get the most out of your tax appointment. Being prepared helps you in two ways:

1. We have more time to think about ways we can reduce the taxes on this year’s return.

2. We have more time to discuss ways to reduce taxes on next year’s return.

I recommend the following:

1. When you get your tax organizer in the mail, open the envelope and check the appointment time. It will be printed on the first page. Put it into your calendar and if it’s not convenient, give us a call. Keep your organizer in the envelope. As your tax information comes in the mail, put it in the envelope with the organizer.

2. All your tax documents, except for some brokerage accounts, should be mailed to you by January 31st, so, soon after that do the following:

Pull everything out of the envelope and separate into two piles:

a. First the organizer and the other pile is everything that came in the mail.

b. Read the list of items to bring to your appointment on the first page of the organizer cover letter and make sure that you have all of these items. (Be sure to sign the second page.)

c. Start at the front of the organizer and look for a tax document (W-2, Form 1099, etc.) for every entry on the organizer. Remember, your prior year information is printed in the organizer. For example, if you worked at Qualcomm, make sure you have your W-2 from Qualcomm.

d. For everything except Business and Rental pages, don’t enter anything in the organizer, just make sure you have a tax document for prior entries. If you do write on the organizer, please WRITE IN PENCIL. Thanks!

e. If you have a Business or Rental, please enter all of your income and expenses onto the relevant pages of the organizer. The prior year information is pre-printed on the organizer and is useful to see what you claimed last year.

f. Answer all questions in the Questionnaire toward the front of the organizer.

That’s it. If you simply follow these steps you should be well prepared for our meeting and this will allow you to get the most from your appointment.

The above is considered to be general tax information and is not intended to be used as tax advice. If you believe that any of the above applies to you, please consult with a tax professional. See our Legal Statement.​

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